Spanglish Girl Lifestyle Brand & Shop Official Press Release



The Spanglish Girl lifestyle brand fills the void for novelty gift items that celebrate and empower Latina-Americans with one-of-a-kind apparel, stationery, home goods, and accessories.

North Las Vegas, Nevada – June 22, 2018

The is a Spanglish novelty gift and stationery ecommerce site that markets products for Latinas by Latinas.

Designed by Mexican-American sisters, Monica Anchondo (artist) and Cristina Anchondo (writer), the Spanglish Girl brand, which includes a Latina lifestyle blog and shop, prides itself on being Latina owned and operated.

The concept of a lifestyle brand for Latina-Americans was first imagined by Monica, artist and younger sister of Cristina. Monica recruited Cristina, an aspiring writer, to serve as the face and voice of the blog, which they named the Spanglish Girl's Guide, now Spanglish Girl.

With the success of the blog, in 2017, the sisters began to design a Spanglish Girl collection of novelty gift items and stationery. Cristina has this to say about the collection:

“Because of the current political climate, I think our brand, more than ever, is a great way to uplift and celebrate fellow Latina-Americans.  In a time when our community is being made to feel like “others” in a country we have always belonged to and been a part of, our products celebrate Latinas as Americans while paying homage to our Latino heritage, and that is what sets the Spanglish Girl collection and shop apart from other novelty gift and stationery brands, who only market to us as Latinos and not also, as Americans.

With this in mind, a year ago, my sister and I realized there was a void in the the stationery and novelty gift market, and we decided to fill it ourselves, by expanding our lifestyle blog brand to include a shop and collection that celebrates Latinas.  

That I and my sister are not just talented artist and writers, but also formally educated in the arts, makes us competitive against other stationery and novelty gift brands, that despite their efforts, just don’t get our demographic, or to who we are just an afterthought, hence the one shelf of Latino/Spanglish themed greeting cards available at major retailers.”

Monica Anchondo, the original founder and artist for Spanglish Girl added,

“It’s not just that we are celebrating our Latino and American heritage, but it is also that as a Latina owned business, we are celebrating Latinas in a way that no one else has in the novelty gift and stationery market: Latinas today are independent, unapologetic, and proud. Our products reflect this Latina-American spirit in that it is inclusive and empowering, but also authentic. Our brand truly transcends age and speaks to Latinas of all ages and backgrounds because we celebrate our fierce spirit. So whether you are looking for a gift for an Abuela (grandmother), sister, tía  (aunt), mother, prima (female cousin), or friend, we have something for every Latina and occasion.”

The Spanglish Girl brand aims to be a global brand. The sisters are eager to fill a void long ignored and hope to partner with a major retailer to offer their products at box stores nationwide, with the end goal being to also offer their products throughout Latin America, as well.

The Spanglish Girl Shop opens online June 22, 2018.  The business model for the shop is to utilize ecommerce warehousing and shipping fulfillment sites to launch the brand. Once revenue and demand allow, the sisters plan to centralize printing, warehousing, and shipping to a local space.  

In anticipation of the grand opening of the online shop, the sisters have promoted their line through their various social media platforms and networks of fellow influencers.  All of their reach has been organic and the feedback thus far, promising.

The collection will carry over 100 items, including totes, shirts, mugs, cell phone covers, onesies, and many other stationary and home good items that are still in development.

To learn more about the Spanglish Girl brand, blog, and shop, visit or To book an interview, contact us through the 'contact us' tab at or email Alicia Ramos, administrative contact for Spanglish Girl, at

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